A “legendary" day in Singapore

November 7, 2015.

It was a “legendary" day for me in Singapore, as I have coincidently met with lots of amazing people!

That day when we left the art exhibition at Tanglin Shopping Centre, it was raining cats and dogs. While waiting for Taxi, suddenly we saw a troop of protection’s brigade was escorting a few vans to the hotel next to the shopping mall.

As we knew, China President Xi JinPing and Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou are paying visit to Singapore on that day. Therefore, we bet they were inside one of the vans.

We moved our steps nearer to the hotel, however we’re unable to see both of them. Anyway, we noticed that the officers from the hotel were standing at the main entrance of the hotel while there’re a few bodyguards whom dressed like white-collars standby some distance away from the hotel.

Our next station was Grassroots Book Room, and this was where we met with another great people- the current author of Lao Fu Zi Comic ‘Wang Ze’.




This uncle came from Penang, and he is the brother of one of the Penang famous oil painting artists. We have spent some time for a nice chat and came to know that he used to be the bodyguard of the first Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee. Our first expression was “Woah!".

We’re so much exciting when left the book room. However, great things haven’t come to the end.

Guess what?!


Here comes the legendary Spiderman! Even local Singaporean friends said that they have never meet with him!









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