I’m a "Talkie Walker"~

I’m not a GOOD GIRL as you expected from my outlook.
might be too long of time being so quiet,
SO, the talkative Annie is BACK on the trail~
the 4 new friends who also are my new coursemates,
1 said i’m like a philosopher,
1 said i do look like very good in study and learning,
1 said i look like a very good person,
and they all said i look quiet in class at the 1st few days
and talking in such a gentle way ~
but now,
they are being open-eye-peas on me~ haha..
i’ve being so talkative, can even chat for more than hours non-stop,
like to listen to ghost stories,
and being ‘genius’ in ‘putting the sour taste’ on them just like what they like to irony each other~
however, they say that they just can’t be irony when talk with me,
since I look like a very gentle girl to them >.<
well, I used to be very gentle before 10,
used to be quiet when at home,
but i’ve learnt to be talkative & active after that XD
I like to talk and talk and talk~
strangers might feel I’m too gentle or sometimes quiet at the first impression,
but u might found me crazy when play or chat with those I know for some longer time~
we can laugh and fun together just crazily~
unless you’re gentle as well, then we just can being serious all the time >.<but it's boring..

Owh.. I just realized that,
I need to practice in english writing again..
so poor in vocabulary after those days in school…

I’m wondering that, is it Annie=talkative?
since there’s another girl who has a same english name & surname as mine,
although her english name didn’t shown in birth certificate or IC,
but she is be known to be very talkative as well~
our friends always being confused among us especially when on FB…
once, the new friend who comes from KDU saw me chatting with another ‘Annie Wong" on FB,
she thought that I’m talking to myself,
and that drew me into a non-stop laughing again..
it’s really funny sometime,
but sometime really being a bit annoyed,
especially when I need to explain to others who is who..
I think she might feel so sometimes >.<
anyway, I’m proud to be given this name since the day I born,
thanks to my parents, although they’re 100% eastern-minded but named me with a nice english name~
as you know, it’s sound as ‘any’,
so easy to be remember, everyone also can remember my name after get to know me,
especially the teachers & also the lecturers…
owh, I’m being remember, just as well when the teachers like to ask question,
and that I’m so easily spotted… … can it be considered as a kind of ‘Luck’? aha~
and whenever the teachers asked: any question? any one?
I can feel so many pairs of eyes bearing on me…. owh~
try to behave myself and avoid chatting & fun in class,
since I’m being remember…

sometimes I would think that I’m hyperactive,
as my classmate do described me as a hyperactive girl last time,
since I’ve been joined almost every society and clubs,
being busy bee among the activities, student-reporters activities & news reporting, and Prefectorial Board as well..
and I used to chit-chat during all the classes~
luckily it didn’t pull back my study & exam results .. woohoo~
even after enter into college, also busy joining lots of activities whether inside or outside the college..
okay, I’m now trying to just put myself at hostel all the time except to college, jogging & buying somethings else..
I feel my active nerves seems to be alive again.. oh no, please just be sleeping my dear…
I need to be very self-discipline .. to achieve my most important goal..
what kind of goal? it’s a secret, but it’s not a secret as well to somebody.

well, I wish to learn to be quiet, but, can I? ;p



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