"It’s a pretty good job" *wink~~~*

I’ve did the 1st online test CMA for “Writing for PR" ~
although it seems confusing with the USQ style
among those taught by the lecturer when in the class compare with
the textbook downloaded and also the questions in the “paper".
well~ it’s done & I do not wish to review it back~ it’s my style for any examination~
over meant over~ whether the result is good or bad, it’s being fix once I submitted it~
although it’s counting for 15 in my final examination~
okay~ just be fine~

I’ve did the group presentation today as well~
I do look stable which told by my new friends~
however, it’s too long for me not to present or even speak in english properly ( not the local ‘rojak’ slang style)
and I been too long away from my last presentation during college time,
I feel my hands shaky and the high volume of my voice cannot cover my nervous~
it’s flow from the heart outwards~
anyway, my beloved & cute tee groupmates did being nervous as well..
since we’re the 1st group & we just have 1 week time for preparation if compared with others… haha…
it’s counted 5 marks for our final grade as well…
at last, the lecturer commented that: we’ve done a pretty good job ~
wow~ relief when heard this~
3 of us feeling so much relief after the test and presentation has been done~
the 1st file is closed~
but coming up next, will be having many many more assignments & tasks which really TOUGH…

oh yeah, it’s the habit that I’ll start to clean up something in the house
once I have done with some kind of task~

I feel a bit cleaner,
but there’s much much more for me to clean up…

Just for luck.
and I feel the support from SIS deeply~
she is being so concern & worry about me after being 3 months at home,
which tied our siblings-ship to be more closer~~~



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