SHOGUN sushi buffet~

2nd dish: Chuka Wasame (seaweed) + Dorry Fish 

Salmon Sashimi very popular, finish taken when it’s just on table.
Pumpkin jelly not bad too~

Mix Fruit cocktail~

It’s Japanese restaurant with variety of Japanese dishes,
while you can take its as much as you can,
of course without wasting the food.

There’s tempura corner,
variety choices of sushi,
‘fo tiao qiang’, sharkfin’s soup, mushroom soup,
‘ais kacang’ corner,
salad corner,
ice-cream corner with 7 flavours,
and many more~!

Since a lot of food have to be avoid for the moment,
so lost the chance to taste on its..
like the seafood pasta, baby prawn & crabs, and many more~

It’s more worth than Penang Tao Japanese cuisine restaurant,
which we’ve tried it half year ago,
the Penang Tao is more expensive since it’s without discount.
We’ve been charged Rm51.80 after 30% discount + taxes applied for per pax.
Birthday girl/boy will be FREE OF CHARGE on the very day of birthday!

p.s. Sarah Pui Yee, specially introduce to you. It’s really worth. Those ingredients very expensive if buy at outside, more worthy than Sakae or Sushi King oh ~ >.<
There’s a few outlets around Selangor area, including Sunway Pyramid, One Utama and the newly launched- Fahrenheit 88.


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