Happy Birthday ^^

illness make me almost forget that it’s your birthday on 23rd >.<
i know the fact that, you are just one of my student,
meant that i do not have the responsibility to greet you or even prepare a gift for you as well.
however, when you said you’ve never celebrate birthday with your family,
and maybe need to wait till 12-year-old only may have the 1st,
and, requested few times for a birthday gift,
hence, i think, i can’t just sit still.
and finally made you a gift with the materials that i’ve.

you are the 1st and only students who often like to request lots of things.
and made me feel stress to stand among your mummy & you
as you like to tell me your secrets but requested me for not telling your mummy or sister..
sometimes you made me feel like you are my shadow of childhood time..
you are clever, but you are lazy to study..
you have a mummy who look quite high upon on your study and results..
your mummy made me think of my mummy ..
however, you are much more luckier~
you can learn dancing, aerobics, singing, piano…
it’s my dream since very small: ballet & piano..
an Osteopathic physicians praised about my healthy & uniform skeleton once
and said that i’m suitable to learn aerobics or dancing…

you are a special student for me.
and i really hope all the best in what you will meet in your entire life.

and once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^

*~ DIY gift ~*

*~ craved with your name ~*



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